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“On a breezy day, you can almost see the millions of sand dusts move in unison to the music of the wind. Forget about getting on the pricey 4WDs or ATVs and do yourself a favour and walk in the dunes barefoot.”  Ildefonso O, Tripadvisor, 2014.


“If you want to get the best view of the Sunrise, you have to get up at 4am to go to the Sand Dunes which takes about 20 minutes on a very bumpy old jeep, but once there it's worth getting up early.” Chillibabẹ, Tripadvisor, 2014

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Vivamus Jeep Tours is another trusted service provided by the Rang Garden Hotels and operated by the people of Rang Garden Hotels.
Pink Jeep Tours has been scrambling up and over Muines magnificent Red Rock and dunes outback for over 10 years.

The Vivamus Jeep Tours has been established by the passion of people who are the experts of Muine’s magnificent Red Rock and Dunes outback for many years since Muine was first known by tourists in 1990s. In 2014, Rang Garden Hotels has rolled out plan calling all experts in town who have the most passion about jeep and who are willing to be out of their ways for our valued passengers whatever and wherever they need us, joining the group naming “the
Vivamus Jeep tours”. The Vivamus Jeep Tours has become the unforgettable, you-gotta-do-it thrill of any Muine visit.
The Vivamus Jeep Tours is the undisputed granddaddy of off-road touring and the longest running adventure company in Muine. The Vivamus Jeep Tours is committed to a fascinating eco-historical experience that delightfully adds to the breathtaking, heart-pounding WOW factor of every trip.

Rang Garden Hotels are well-known not only by its excellent service, customer first in their operation, friendly staff but also by its honesty in doing business with guests. We always deliver what we promise guests because we know when guests travel thousand thousand miles away from home, part of their travel is for magnificent adventures, guests need to have an atmosphere of family and people who they can trust. Yes, we will take care of our guests from the A day to the Z day. Please ask us how we can help you. Every staff of Rang Garden Hotels are always happy to know if guests need any assistance and now Vivamus Jeep Tours will have its mission to harden our trust in Muine visitors.
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