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Local Dishes
Grilled Dong
Dong is a kind of  reptile, has larger size than lizard, length from 20-30cm, marinated with seasoning power, pepper, herbs, chili powder and fish sauce. This is a typical local dish.

Your choice of scrambled, fried or bbq
Mui Ne Pancake
It is prepared with rice flour, seafood, green beans, coconut milk and served with Nuoc Cham sauce (fish sauce, crushed peanuts, sugar, peppers, tomatoes)

Your choice of pork, shrimp or other seafood)
Cha Lui Phan Thiet
Cha Lui is grilled and served with green mango, rau song (a combination of mint, basil, etc.) wrapped in rice paper with boiled egges and Nem.

Your choice of pork, shrimp or other seafood)
Sun dried Squid
This dish is a lot of tourist favorite!

The squid is placed in the sun until it is dried enough or known as “one sun”. This is a grill dish served with chili sauce
Giac Snail
Chopped boiled snails along with bacon or pork and tthinly sliced ​​ginger, garlic, chili mix, papaya, thin chopped laksa leaves, onion, roasted peanuts, onion ... sauce, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, sweet.

Toss  the papaya, laksa leaves, onion and nuts, boiled meat, sprinkle the sugar mixed together with vinegar peanuts and onion sprinkled on. Served with rice paper.
Banh Beo pancake
This dish is a lot of tourist favorite!

This pan cake is served with mashed green beans, sweet fish sauce.
Banh Can pancake
This is a typical local pancake made of rice flour, the pancake is steamed in stead of fried then served with sweet fish sauce.
Phan Thiet Noodle
Phan Thiet Noodle is generally Pork noodle served with rau song (a combination of mint, basil & local veggies)
Grilled Seafood
Muine - Phan Thiet is famous for all kind of grilled seafood dishes. They are fresh and tasty
Grilled Bo Hom Fish
The fish only can be found in Mui ne and the fish is grilled and cracked then topped with spring onion oil served with fish sauce, rau song and can be wrapped in with rice paper
*Note: The menu here is very limited, for more information please contact our customer service.
Loc Fish Steamed with Hairy Melon

Loc fish is very popular in Vietnam, the art of t
Banh Cuon
The dish is very popular in Vietnam. Banh cuon is steamed-rice rolls with black mushroom shreds and lean pork served with sweet fish sauce and ham topping.
Quai Vac Pancake
Made from fine wheat flour. Somewhat special sauce mixed with raw materials mainly fish sauce, sugar, pepper sliced ​​thin Siamese and prawn.
Stir-fried Seafood with Water Melon
Seafood is stir fried with a combination of onion, garlic, herbs, basil, nuts & served with sweet-sour fish sauce




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