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“On a breezy day, you can almost see the millions of sand dusts move in unison to the music of the wind. Forget about getting on the pricey 4WDs or ATVs and do yourself a favour and walk in the dunes barefoot.”  Ildefonso O, Tripadvisor, 2014.


“If you want to get the best view of the Sunrise, you have to get up at 4am to go to the Sand Dunes which takes about 20 minutes on a very bumpy old jeep, but once there it's worth getting up early.” Chillibabẹ, Tripadvisor, 2014

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Tour Rates

Duration: 4 hours

Departure time: 4:30 am

Tour Code: Vivamus Sunrise #018943

Destinations: White dune | Red dune | Fishing Village | Fair Spring


Guests will need to be able to get up early to prepare for 04:30 am departure time. This is to ensure that guests will be able to witness the best moment of Sunrise in Muine.

Vivamus Sunrise# 018943

Duration: 4 hours

Departure time: 14:30 pm

Tour Code: Vivamus Sunset #018943

Destinations: White dune | Red dune | Fishing Village | Fair Spring


Sunset tour will help Guests to avoid getting up early for the early bird tour but will have total different experience, the spectacular moment of Sunset, the changing of sand colors, the stream of sands falling off the cliff.

Vivamus Sunset # 023599


Duration: 4 hours

Departure time: Your time

Tour Code: Vivamus Takou #018943

Destinations: Takou mountain


Guests will be surprised by amazing art work of the temple. The Takou temple possess the biggest lying Buhda in the Southeast Hemisphere. Besides, do you like hiking? If yes then it is the place for you. But no worries, cable cab is there for you if hiking is not your hobby.

Let us help you arrange your tour

Sunrise and Sunset tour have the same routes and destinations. What differences are departure time and order of destinations. In order to bring the best experience to guests and help guests to make the most out of their time, drivers will help guests to decide amount of time for one place should be and where they should be first based on their best local knowledge.

Vivamus Takou # 015657

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